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I reformatted, but now nothing looks right help

  1. Mar 18, 2005 #1
    I reformatted, but now nothing looks right.. help!!

    I reformatted my computer but now the format is way too big for the screen and the graphics suck. furthurmore, it's slow and the system won't support most things I was using before. these are the bootable restore cd's that came with the computer, but everything is different. I tried to reset the screen resolution to where I had it before but it will not allow me to change it. I did manage to get my norton to work again, but everything takes forever to download (other programs such as spybot and adaware) and it now tells me the system won't support my printer that I've been using for some time.

    is there a site where I can find free downloads of restore cd's for windows me? or where must I go to find one and how much do the cost? I don't want to waste my money on one that ends up like this one. right now I can't do much of anything the way it is.
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    Restore cds are made specifically for your computer. I personally hate big-brand dealers like dell or compaq because there computers suck and this is one reason for sure. You probably want to do this.

    1. Reformat your computer
    2. Have your driver cds available (unless they dont give them to you then your screwed)
    3. Install windows using the Windows ME CD (NOT a restore cd) that the company SHOULD have given you (unless they stopped doing that....)
    4. Install everything over using drivers

    If they did not give you drivers or the windows ME install cd... then might want to try doing the restore again.

    Or buy a custom computer from me :D Im starting my own custom computer selling business... woo the market is tough...
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    I guess I'm screwed. I don't have driver cd's . I have a windows ME cd now that someone gave me. I tried to reformat but this cd must not be bootable because nothing happens when I put it in and boot the computer... the computer boots up normally, and I do have it set to boot from D (because the restore cd's are bootable)
    I also tried to run it from start, run, and type in 'setup.exe' there, but nothing happens. BTW.. the drivers are all on the restore cd's that came with the computer

    now I'm trying to remember something... whether this monitor came with the computer or not or if it's a different one. how woudl I find out if the driver on the cd matches the monitor... or how would I find a driver for the monitor? would that make any difference with the printer or not? I don't know if the resolution is with os or the monitor.. if it were just the monitor, the printer should still work I would think, but after installing everything "successfully" so it said, upon trying to use the printer an error message came up saying this system can't support the printer requirements i.e. needs 36 bit color resolution or somethign or other. I can't even change the screen resolution it is stuck on 640 x 480 pixels and will not budge. and only has 16 colors now.
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    I don't like restore cds because they tend to add extra junk that you don't need. Also, when you do a fresh install of windows you need to reinstall the drivers for you graphics card and other devices. Just go to the manufacters website like Nvidia and they have a place where you can get the lastest driver version. Don't worry about finding drivers for you monitor, they don't exist. Once you install the drivers for you graphics card then you'll have all the resolutions the card can handle.

    As for the windows me cd not booting, are you sure you set the default boot device to the cdrom in your bios configuration?
  6. Mar 19, 2005 #5
    I agree with all the extra junk.. I had to delete a bunch of crap I don't use. what is that website... www.nvidia.com? This is an e machine computer with windows ME.
    yes, I set the default boot device to 1. D drive (cd rom) and 2. C drive in bios first.
  7. Mar 19, 2005 #6
    ok.. got the website. thanks
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    Are you sure you have an nvidia card? You can't just install any driver you like.
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    What computer and O/S are you using?
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    I am on a different computer now because I can't get online with mine anymore.
    it's a emachine with windows ME.
    I reformatted it a third time using the restore cd's again that came with it. it's the only way I was able to wipe the hard drive to start fresh again. then I installed the windows ME cd. the graphics look back to normal again but everytime I install the modem it installs it to COM 3 instead of COM 1 and the computer can't find it there. there is nothing in COM 3. so now I'm stuck again
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    The modem should not be on com1. Com1 is a physical com port. The modem is not attached to com1. The computer assigns it to com3 because that's the first available number (most computers have a physical com1 and 2) to use as a virtual com port.

    Don't argue with your computer: it knows what it is doing.

    Incidentally, you may have motherboard drivers you need to install too...
  12. Mar 26, 2005 #11
    I tried different drivers and finally I deleted the dialer and created a new one and it worked.
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