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I robot = perpetual motion

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    I just noticed as I was writing my research paper on perpetual motion, as I was going over the laws of thermodynamics, I realized that it is like the plot of I Robot.

    In I robot, the 3 Laws the robots must follow is like the laws of thermodynamics. The robot/computer program security system thingy known as Vicky or something like that, is the person who comes up with the perpetual motion device. She delivers her logic explaining to the robots that perpetual motion is real or that they should hurt them to protect them. she uses her logic that cant really be argued. Will Smith is like the Physicist who trys to prove the robots or evil or perpetual motion is false. in the end he destroys the creator of the evil logic, but thats too extreme for this. a physicist wouldn't shoot an inventor. but it can be compared to him debunking the theory and stuff.

    So, what did we learn today class?

    There are subliminal physics lessons in your latest SciFi films.
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    I thought Vicky's logic was that humans tend to hurt each other and kill each other, so the best way to protect them would be to keep them in zoos.
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    And it's normally wrong...
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    yes it is.

    and vickys logic was that they should be kept in zoos and junk, but they must put down the dangerous ones so you know what i mean

    my favorite subliminal physics lesson is in those cool spy movies where they have all of these neat physically impossible doomsday devices ;D
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    Which reminds me of the physics of cartoons if you've never had a look at it before, it's really hilarious.

    http://paul.merton.ox.ac.uk/filmtv/cartoon-physics.html [Broken]

    e.g. Star Wars
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    or the cheap cartoon, jimmy neutron. where he uses fake science and his powerful brain to blast to the moon while leavin his head exposed to the elements in a rocket made of thrown out tool shed pieces.

    Reversing the polarity always solves your problems on tv. what will that teach the generation of tomorrow?

    darn, my vaccum is broken. maybe i can fix it by reversing the polarity by switching all of the negatives with positives. (5 hours later) okay lets plug this baby in. BAM. Am I going to die? maybe i can reroute my thingy-majiggy to the false-logic-calibrator and save myself. OMG NOOOOOO HELP!!!! AH!!!! SOMEBODY CALL 911 FOR ME CUZ I CANT READ
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    See, this is why im against funding education of any type. Cartoons have pretty much screwed everything up, we might as well piss our money into a way to make all grownups live forever.
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    at least cartoons back then didn't teach fake science. they just had entertaining falls off of cliffs that slightly defied the laws of physics but its not like kids ran around thinking if they jumped off a roof, their legs would fall while their neck stretches. it was playful exageration, not actually saying it was real science using big sounding words. that was just playfull cartoon violence backthen. popeye even taught us to eat our spinach.

    *time to build a satalite with a toaster and launch it into orbit with my rocket made of left over sheet metal that has an open cockpit leaving my head exposed to the elements and +6 G-force while i make impossible sharp turns at mach 8*
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    what we need are educational cartoons and shows with science, math, anything educational in them. what happened to bill nye the science guy, he taught me everything i know about applied physics and matter and that was when i was 3-7 years old. i still use alot of what he taught me today and they canceled him. canceled. what do we have now to take his place? Little kids walking on the moon in a t shirt and jeans who fly through the galaxy with the miraculous ability to survive without air.

    I support any educational programs wether on or off of the air. i dont care if its on tv or in the classroom, i want more learning in our lives.
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