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I room with 3 people, and it's starting to get terrible.

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    I have three roommates, and I met them all for the first time upon moving in. A week before school, everything was cool.

    I can literally say exactly one of them actually works hard at school and I generally get along best with him.

    The other is also a very nice guy, the only problem is that he listens to "dubstep" music which is IMPOSSIBLE to study to, I don't care how much you like it, you cannot honestly tell me it is possible to study with it blaring in the background.

    The last one, worst of all, rooms right next to me. He plays call of duty at least 12 hours a day, yelling through his mic. When he's not doing that, he comes talk to me and when he opens his mouth I just want to punch him in the face. When I'm studying he says "how much do you have left?" This question pisses me off, I utilize what free time I can to learn, so his question doesn't make sense. I usually just answer "2 years."

    How can I get through this? I've been working hard in school but I can't really sit down and work something until I perfectly understand it any more.
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    How are your finances?

    If there's space for this, talk to the roommate you get along with; perhaps he's suffering similarly and would be interested in getting a double with you.

    Your other options include:

    • Talking with your roommates and setting standards.
    • Telling the loud ones that ammonia and bleach is a great cleaning solution.
    • Sucking it up and spending more time in libraries.
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    After two very short term failed attempts with roomates, I always lived alone.
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    My Uni mandated that out-of-town Freshmen live in dorms. Time for an apartment ASAP.
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    I would call the cops and get rid of him
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    On what ground?
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    Real Advice! Don't wait until the next convenient time to schedule an apartment. Go to the people in town that have a reputation for being fair landlords with decent response-time when something falls apart. Meet those people and express an interest in reserving any upcoming opening. Do it now! They might call you very soon and offer you a reduced rate to take over the lease or rental of another student's lodging whose personal or family situation caused them to default or back out. That's how I got a nice attic apartment lined up for my sophomore year and got to take over the lease on a river-side house (old but sound) after that.

    I hope you take this advice to heart. Living in dorms or having multiple roommates can ruin your life, especially if you are in a demanding course of study.
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    BTW, I already knew how to cook real food. I could shop, cook, and eat 'way cheaper than eating in a food-hall on campus, and get better-tasting, healthier food in the bargain.
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    For disturbing you. Ask the landlord to kick him or something
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    Don't study at home (instead study on campus, a library, etc.).
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    Tell him to get a life.
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    I can relate to that. My parents and grandparents are always asking me how much studying I have to do or making comments like "oh, that's awful you're still working on that" and I find it really irritating since I am studying voluntarily, the work is not assigned (only you have to be prepared for the tests) and I actually enjoying studying! I wish they would go away and leave me alone. Recently I've taken to driving to the university library on Saturdays to get away from them, even though it's an hour away. It's worth the gas money to get some work done. Okay I'm not working now, I'm posting here...but.... you know...

    As for the noise, when my grandparents moved in with us a year ago with their ear-splitting yappy dog and noisy/bothersome habits of their own (you know, living, breathing, in my space.....so I'm a little noise sensitive whatever....) I invested in some expensive headphones. I tried on a bunch at the audio store and I chose a pair that made a good seal around my ears. The sound quality, although excellent since they were a little expensive, was of secondary to the ability to muffle other noises. When they are being mildly noisey, I just put my headphones on. When they are being more noisy than that, I pipe some music through them.

    Or maybe you could get a sort of lap desk contraption built and study in your car if you have one. :)
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    After living with the family, I said I will never room with anyone else especially people I don't know.

    But from what I do know, the people who live in the dorms usually study in the library. The school I go to tends to have hours from 6 am - 12 am.
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