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I saw the pic of Astronuc

  1. Aug 20, 2005 #1
    I saw the pic of Astronuc,I never imagined he will be so muscular! :biggrin:

    Who here do Gym regularly and have great muscles( :rofl: ) and who here prefer playing games more than doing Gym.
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    I go to the gym regularly, but I'm no Arnold.
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    |_ :biggrin: _|
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    Neither. I find gyms to be boring and wastes of time when there's plenty of productive ways to get exercise and stay in shape.

    I'm looking forward to getting back to my Sheep Farm complete fitness program:
    Strength training: lifting sheep or just trying to hold them still
    Agility training: gotta catch 'em first!
    Endurance training: now do this with 20 sheep every 2 hours all night long.

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    I don't go to the gym, and I don't have great muscles, except in my right arm/hand/shoulder. For some reason that arm is very strong :smile:
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    One here as well ... at times playing with barbells is therapeutic.
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    I used to lift a lot when I was in the Army. That however was a mistake since all I got was big and bulky. I have spent the rest of the time not lifting and using my own body weight as resistance. I work more on agility and speed in my particular regime.
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    I've been sidelined for most of the summer with asthma attacks, but I'm normally at the gym every night, playing basketball. I also do a lot of running and bicycle riding. Not too much lifting, though. I never liked the idea of getting fit by sitting in one place. I prefer plyometrics for strength training.
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    Gyms are too stinky for me, and the thought of working out on a machine that some guys just sweat all over makes me :yuck:

    But every night I walk my dog about 2 miles.
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    II think age too plays role..
    I think Gym is done by guys mostly in the age group 18-25.
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    Are you able to shear sheeps?
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    Shearing them is one thing I don't do. It wouldn't be worth it for me to learn since I'd be painfully slow and there are people who are much better and much faster at it who we can pay to do it for us. Watching a professional sheep shearer is an impressive thing to see too.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I used to be very athletic and worked out regularly for most of my life up to about age 26. From there, everything went to hell. Really I was born broke but it took that long to catch up to me. :biggrin:
  16. Aug 21, 2005 #15
    Thanks God! :rofl:
    If you would have been shearing sheeps,then shepherds would have been teaching Biology ! :biggrin:
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    I go to the gym regularly, but haven't been lately. Now, it's down to 1-2 times a week, but I do a full-body workout.

    I started working 65 hours a week, so it's difficult to have a life and go to the gym at the same time. This week is my last 65 hour week, so I should be back on track at 3-4 times a week.

    My arms are about 15 inches, which is much bigger than average. I also have low bodyfay of maybe 10-11%, so it's quality muscle. ;)

    Note: I don't plan on getting any bigger.

    Note: I only posted the size of my arms, since anything other measurement would be pretty irrelevant because no one would know what to compare to.
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    when you say 15" what are you measuring? around shoulder?, bicep?
  19. Aug 21, 2005 #18
    i'm ~215-220lbs & i train old-school, the way guys back in the >50s did. bottom line to them was to get strong, not to get "buff" or "toned" whatever the fruity bodybuilding mags preach these days. here's one of my favourite books on old-school lifting:
    http://www.brookskubik.com/dinosaurbook.html [Broken]

    according to most of those authors the best tests/displays of strength were the ones where you either lift something off the floor or the ones where you lift something overhead. all the other ones were secondary. so that's what i work on most. but i've been trying to find a keg or something to train with because it would all awkward & the water would slosh around inside & be harder to lift.
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  20. Aug 22, 2005 #19
    I think he's measuring around bicep...not sure though.

    hehe, I'm 149! :approve: Most of my training is to build body mass by means other than eating a ton...which I do anyway...and girls love a well-toned body rite? :rolleyes:
  21. Aug 22, 2005 #20
    The only time I've been to the gym was when I went in my school's weight room for gym class. I can't lift anything with my 5'7 120 pound frame :grumpy:
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