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I say hello to everybody

  1. Feb 10, 2009 #1
    Hello you guys
    It is my first time to come here.
    Now i am happy and exciting.
    Because i feel the forumus will be my home.
    I like the lonely boat,find a bay.

    I come form China
    My engilish and my physics are poor.

    But i love physics,and work hard for my dream.
    Make a long story short.
    let's together.
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    Welcome tianbian! I hope you enjoy it here. :smile:
  4. Feb 10, 2009 #3
    Thank you! Thank you very much.
    Thank you kurdt

    In china have no forums about physics.
    china have a "physicsfans" forums.But closed in A few years a ago .

    The physics is not chinese value.
    so in my live.i have no friend to communicate.
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    By the way,my name "tianbian" mean's Horizon.
    The place,the sky and the ground connected.
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    Sorry to hear your Chinese forum closed. It must be difficult adjusting to a new culture to pursue the thing you love.

    Good luck.
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    If you guys want to know something about china.
    you can ask me.I traveled everywhere.of course in china.
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    G'day tianbian, and welcome to PF.

    We're always open.

    We have various forums devoted to various topics in science, engineering and technology, with special forums devoted to physics and mathematics.

    Please look around and enjoy.
  9. Feb 10, 2009 #8
    Thank you Astronuc.
    PF is good i can feel that.
  10. Feb 10, 2009 #9
    You've come to the right place to improve both your english and your physics as well as to learn about lots of interesting fields of study. Also, don't forget to relax a little in the general forums which are always filled with interesting day to day happenings.

    Welcome! Huan Ying! (I don't speak Mandarin, I just googled it :wink:)
  11. Feb 10, 2009 #10
    I love forums,我爱论坛。
  12. Feb 10, 2009 #11
    you are very smart,The Huan Ying is right,standard mandarin.
  13. Feb 10, 2009 #12
    I am graduated from the high school.
    For improve my English.
    I made a decision.It's studying abroad.
    I choosed a university in India.
    But my major it is not physics that my favorite.
    I choosed information of technology.
    I think computer it is not my interesting,
    But the computer is very important to physics.

    So i decide learning physics by myself and by internet discussing,and the video.
    I worked hard,and i really need you guys help.Special the ebooks.I need you guys Recommend.

    Thank you,at the first.
    and i will do what i can do in return.(I hope the sentence my friend you guys will understand,because i am not skilled.Pardon me)
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    Hello tianbian :smile:
    I think that this is going to help you out, in your quest to learn physics on your own.


    There's alot of tutorials and etc. on different topics there, from physics, to engineering.

    Good luck
  15. Feb 10, 2009 #14
    Hi and welcome. Its always nice to meet new friends. I'm sure you will have a great time here.
  16. Feb 10, 2009 #15

    Math Is Hard

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    That's so nice! I feel the same way.

    Welcome, Tianbian. :smile:
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    Welcome to the forum, tianbian!
  18. Feb 10, 2009 #17
    And i love you guys.in the bottom of my heart.
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