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Homework Help: I seem to need a little Help here .

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    I seem to need a little Help here:(.....

    I am not sure if i am answering this question correctly so i thought i'd ask it here......

    Suppose a thin peace of glass were placed in front of on of the two slits so that two waves enter the slits 18o degrees out of phase.Describe in detail the interference pattern on the screen.

    my answer;

    the wave which goes through the peace of glass will be a half a wavelength more than the other wave as it is using more time to get through the piece of glass but then i cant quite figure out where their interference pattern on the screen will be.....

    I am waiting for your helps and comments,

    Thank you already........
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    Doc Al

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    I assume this you are talking about a double slit interference pattern? If so, do you understand the resulting pattern when the light through each slit is in phase? Use the exact reasoning to figure out the pattern when they are out of phase. (Hint: Bright spots in the pattern appear when the light from both slits reaches the screen in phase.)
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