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Homework Help: I seriously need help on this problem THANX

  1. Nov 28, 2007 #1
    I seriously need help on this problem...THANX :)

    Die A has four 9's and two 0's on its faces. Die B has four 3's and two 11's on its faces. when either of these dice is rolled, each face has an equal chance of landng on top. two players are going to play a game. the first player selects a die and rolls it. the second player rolls the remaining die. the winner is the player whose die has the higher number on top.

    A) suppose you are the first player and you want to win the game. which die would you select and why

    B) Suppose the player using die A receives 45 tokens each time he or she wins the game. how many tokens must the player using die B receive each time he or she wins in order for this to be a fair game?

    i really dont know how to start this.

    any help is appreciated. thanks in advance
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    I think the first thing you need to look at are the probabilities of rolling each value, and what effect that will have for the game.

    For instance, if you select Die B, what is the chance you'll roll a 3? Furthermore, if you roll a 3, what is the chance that it will win the game? (be higher than Die A's roll?)

    What is the formula for probability?
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