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I shouldnt care when people die.

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    As long as it doesnt pertain to me, why should I care? Why should I be offended?

    Why should I care if berg got his head cut off, Its not me, he wasnt a friend, I didnt know him. Why is it that we insist on caring about other humans? It is inefficient to care sometimes...

    I need to stop crying when I watch documentaries on famine.

    Now a related question:

    Why will some of you be emotionally charged after I post this?

    1)It doesnt pertain to you

    2)This is only text

    3)My thoughts will not change anything in the world

    So why is it we should care about things that wont ever affect us?

    Should we work on not caring sometimes?
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    I don't think that people have more value that others just because I know them. I am not that special. Each person has his own value, and I try not to discriminate.

    It does help us to care fore others, because some the worst atrocities are committed when no one cares, and sooner or later, they will probably come for you.
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    Dan is correct. You should care because you would want someone else to care for you. A culture of caring is to be preferred over a culture of indifference.
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    I have an uneasy feeling that one of the Physics Forum members was likely jubilant over the treatment Berg got, though this member would have posted more of his anti-American rhetoric if the same atrocity had been committed by Americans against an Iraqi Muslim.
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    Any person who is jubilant over the beheading of another human being, regardless of the circumstances, is living his life the wrong way.
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    It's one thing to care or feel empathy for someone who dies, or for those who were close to them. It is another to get wrapped up in it. It is not wrong to care, it is, for most people, natural. If you are an extremist in either direction of caring or not caring, it is not healthy. If someone doesn't care, it opens the door to trouble, especially when it comes to the life of another being.

    Certain things cared for bring out the best in people. When someone watches starving children on television, there are those who do something about it and donate their "luxury" (time, money, etc.) to those who have none. There are others who will watch the starving children and cry every time for the rest of their lives and do nothing. Which is worse? Acknowledging a problem and not doing anything about it, or ignoring it completely?
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    If everyone in the world decided to commit themselves to that philosophy, then there probably would be more war. There would be no talk of peace because no one would care if anyone got hurt or died.
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    That's a great point. The fact that you care isn't that important. What matters are the actions you take because you care.
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    Why indeed?
    Why shouldn't you start killing people you don't know or care about and get your enjoyment out of such acts?
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    I care about others because I care about myself.

    Mattius, I disagree with all 3 of your points.

    One does not show mercy to others in order to receive mercy from them. That is not mercy, that is bargaining. The same goes for love.

    Happy thoughts
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    some people never learn

    I can't stand it that people would say not caring is Okay!Let's say you're dad or mom is in the hospital because of a serious illness. You know they're going to die and you know some one that is normally a good person to confide in, so you go to them. This person looks you in the eye and says, Hey, he's not my problem. That would hurt so bad, and don't tell me it wouldn't because trust me, if no one even PRETENDED to care, you would be hurt. This family is going through a very hard time. Not only was their son brutally murdered, but now those sick people from CNN and ABC and NBC have it posted on the internet for the whole world to see! IT DISGUSTS ME!!! And It DISGUSTS ME EVEN MORE WHEN HUMANS STOP CARING BECAUSE IT WON'T STOP WAR, BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO PITY TO HELP OTHERS OR STOP WHEN ITS TIME TO STOP, IT WOULD DESTROY US IF WE STOPPED CARING. THIS MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!
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    Excellent argument!
    IMHO, the basic choice we have as humans is to choose either to be a psychopath or a decent human being.
    Both are rational choices; what choice you make shows what moral fibre you've got.
  15. Jun 1, 2004 #14
    Small point of order. Psychopaths are incapable of understanding the rules of society and how they apply to them. Sociopaths DO understand the rules of society, they are just indifferent to them. So you were probably thinking sociopath.

    As to Mattius' post...

    Empathy, caring, concern, all are symptomatic of human's basic natural response. You can train yourself to follow many philosophies not in line with human responses, but it isn't natural. All things natural do not require opposition. Human basic emotion flows like a river. When you go against the stream you face resistance. If you have to endure resistance to accomplish a state of mind, then you must ask yourself if the end justifies the means.

    Must you breathe? no you just do.
    Must you eat? no you just do.
    Must you sleep? No you just do.

    Must you feel empathy? No you just do.

    SO you must then ask yourself why you wish to not feel anything when you encounter traumatic events that do not directly pertain to you. Aversion to undue pain and suffering? Exposure to traumatic events indirectly prepares the psyche. If you do not expose yourself to traumatic events, in the form of aversion and apathy, it makes it that much more difficult to deal with when the situation arises where it directly affects you and and is thus unavoidable.
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