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News I side with

  1. Sep 9, 2012 #1
    Here's a site that compares your opinions to the positions of the candidates.

    I side with ...

    Gary Johnson 91%
    Virgil Goode 74%
    Mitt Romney 74%
    Barack Obama 43%
    American Voters 52%
    Libertarian Party 79%
    Republican Party 68%
    Democratic Party 63%
    Green Party 63%

    I never heard of Johnson and I intend to vote for Romney.
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    Doc Al

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    Obama 93%
    Romney 6%

  4. Sep 9, 2012 #3


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    I side with...

    Barack Obama 84%
    Jill Stein 83%
    Rocky Anderson 52%
    Gary Johnson 41%
    Mitt Romney 8%
    Virgil Goode 6%
    Democratic Party 96%
    Green Party 90%
    Republican Party 21%
    American voters 57%

    I plan to vote for Obama.
  5. Sep 9, 2012 #4
    This is really interesting! Thanks for the link.

    I side with..

    Gary Johnson 86%
    Barack Obama 66%
    Mitt Romney 62%
    Jill Stein 52%
    American Voters 58%
    Libertarian Party 69%
    Democratic Party 66%
    Republican Party 39%
    Green Party 36%

    I also don't know who Gary Johnson is, and I don't believe in voting.

    Also interesting, I only agree with Obama on social issues, however I agree with Romney on Domestic policy, economic and immigration issues... And yet I have a higher match with Obama overall.

    My results also change drastically when I adjust the slider regarding how important the issues are to me. Which, its difficult to say how important certain issues are... for instance, legalizing gay marriage is very near and dear to me, but if a candidate had excellent foreign policy and economic stances but refused to legalize gay marriage, I'd still be inclined to vote for him over a candidate that assured the public gay marriage would be legalized, but had shakier platforms in other areas.
  6. Sep 9, 2012 #5


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    81% Barack Obama
    72% Gary Johnson
    63% Jill Stein
    52% Mitt Romney
    34% Rocky Anderson
    16% Virgil Goode

    62% American voters

    75% Democratic
    57% Green
    53% Republican
    46% Libertarian
  7. Sep 9, 2012 #6


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    95% Jill Stein
    92% Obama
    4% Romney
    67% My state, which is very blue despite being the "Evergreen State"
    66% US

    *wonders who Jill Stein is*
  8. Sep 9, 2012 #7


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    I wondered the same thing, so I checked what I matched on. Stein, Anderson & Johnson, all matched on social and environmental issues, primarily pro-choice and gay rights. Never heard of any of them and wouldn't vote for any them.
  9. Sep 9, 2012 #8
    Gary Johnson 88%
    Barack Obama 83%
    Jill Stein 79%
    Mitt Romney 71%
  10. Sep 9, 2012 #9
    Perhaps you should find out who he is. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    Gary Johnson 93%
    Mitt Romney 77%
    Virgil Goode 72%
    Barack Obama 18%
    Libertarian 95%
    Republican 70%
    Democrat 20%
    Green 10%
  11. Sep 9, 2012 #10


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    Romney: 84%
    Gary Johnson: 73%
    Obama: 63%
    Pennsylvania: 54%
    USA: 53%
    Republican: 77%
    Democrat: 64%
    Green: 61% (must be a miscount...)
    Libertarian: 53%
  12. Sep 9, 2012 #11


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    The results certainly fit my opinions on the diference between UK and US politics.

    Obama 83%
    Romney 13%
    Democrat 92%
    Republican 7%

    OTOH on the UK political scale I'm more or less a Thatcherite (i.e. to the right of all the current mainstream parties).
  13. Sep 9, 2012 #12


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    Your Thatcherite comment is surprising! I think that's one reason why 'quizzes' like this are valuable to internationally attended forums like this one.
  14. Sep 9, 2012 #13
    90% Jill Stein
    80% Barack Obama
    45% Mitt Romney

    90% Democratic
    87% Green
    62% Libertarian
    33% Republican
  15. Sep 9, 2012 #14
    Jill Stein 87%
    Barack Obama 86%
    Gary Johnson 72%
    Mitt Romney 13%

    Democrats: 96%
    Green: 86%
    Libertarian: 23%
    Republican: 19%
  16. Sep 9, 2012 #15
    She went down from my list when I picked answers more carefully.
  17. Sep 9, 2012 #16


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    93% Jill Stein.
    78% Obama.
    75% Gary Johnson.
    49% Jimmy Synder.
    9% Mitt Romney.
    If I had the USA's citizenship I'd have voted for Obama.
  18. Sep 9, 2012 #17
    Barack Obama - 87%
    Jill Stein - 86%
    Rocky Anderson - 69%
    Mitt Romney - 3%
    Democratic - 96%
    Green - 88%
    Libertarian - 23%
    Republican - 6%
  19. Sep 9, 2012 #18
    Jill Stein - 88%
    Barack Obama - 84%
    Rockey Anderson - 66%
    Mitt Romney - 17%
    Democratic - 97%
    Green - 87%
    Libertarian - 11%
    Republican - 11%

    I think my stances on the death penalty and gun control nudged me a little to the right. About where I expected. Who's Jill Stein :|
  20. Sep 10, 2012 #19
    Barack Obama - 88%
    Jill Stein - 85%
    Gary Johnson - 66%
    Mitt Romney - 54%
    Democratic - 94%
    Green - 89%
    Libertarian - 46%
    Republican - 37%

    Pretty much as I expected.
  21. Sep 10, 2012 #20


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  22. Sep 10, 2012 #21
    81% Obama on foreign policy, science, social, economic, and immigration issues
    18% Romney no major issues

    82% Democratic
    17% Republican

    I liked this quiz, as I felt like *most* of the questions were fairly straightforward, or whatever. But there were a few where I almost wish I could pick more than one option, or an option only expressed part of my view.

    Like, what's the difference between saying "Yes" to Do you believe the theory of Evolution?

    and saying Yes, Evolution is a fact (the one I chose)?

    anyways, I wasn't surprised by the results
  23. Sep 10, 2012 #22


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    Jill Stein 93%
    Gary Johnson 83%
    Rocky Anderson 81%
    Barack Obama 76%
    Mitt Romney 19%

    I don't think I am THAT green.

    And I am not convinced all my answers really reflected my thoughts. Simple question ("do you support") about a complicated issue that I don't know details of is hard to answer - so I guess in some cases I would answer differently knowing what I am talking about.
  24. Sep 10, 2012 #23
    Jill Stein 93%
    Barack Obama 87%
    Gary Johnson 75%
    Mitt Romney 34%
    American Voters 66%

    Who you side with on issues is of course only a part of a voting decision. Another important part is who you think has the best capability of actually carrying out changes in the direction you want. If I was a US citizen, I would vote for Obama.
  25. Sep 10, 2012 #24


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    Some of the matches were incorrect. I chose more alternate stances than the Yes or No, so my agreement with Jill Stein (and possibly Obama) is less then 86%.

    Jill Stein 86% Green party ( http://www.jillstein.org/ )
    on foreign policy, science, domestic policy, social, and environmental issues

    Barack Obama 86%
    on foreign policy, science, social, and environmental issues

    Gary Johnson 73% Libertarian (http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/about [Broken])
    on economic and social issues

    Ross Carl "Rocky" Anderson 65% Justice Party (http://www.voterocky.org/)
    on foreign policy, social, and domestic policy issues

    Mitt Romney 63%
    on economic and healthcare issues

    Virgil Goode 60% Constitution Party (http://www.goodeforpresident2012.com/)
    on economic, domestic policy, and healthcare issues

    You share with:
    64% New York Voters
    on foreign policy, economic, science, social, domestic policy, and environmental issues. More info

    61% American Voters
    on economic, foreign policy, science, social, and environmental issues. More info

    Who you side with by party...
    90% Democratic
    83% Green
    58% Libertarian
    51% Republican

    Who you side with by issue...

    Jill Stein on environmental issues.
    Virgil Goode on domestic policy issues.
    Mitt Romney on healthcare issues.
    Jill Stein and Barack Obama on science issues.
    Barack Obama on social issues.
    Barack Obama on foreign policy issues.
    Gary Johnson and Mitt Romney on economic issues.
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  26. Sep 10, 2012 #25


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    I did this on my mobile and it didn't transfer over.
    ~80% Jill Stein
    I was like ~70% Obama ~40% Romney.

    Not sure if they compare me to their rhetoric or their actual political actions. Either way, yeah; voting for Obama.

    My first election ever I voted green party, was Nader at the time.
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