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I Think, Therefore I Am A Rat

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    I was watching Mythbusters, and the redhead girl says, "for this experiment, we'll be using rats because rats are self-aware and less likely to put themselves in danger."

    so I just had to look this up.

    turns out some people at the U of Georgia did some studies that seem to suggest this.

    (from Newsweek):

    I think it's pretty cool. All studies on animal intelligence fascinate me. So if anyone knows more studies along these lines I'd love to know about them... or videos. I watched a BBC doc on chimps a few months ago (can't remember the name) that was awesome.
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    Indeed a nice study. Thanks for posting this moe darklight.
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    Interesting study. If it turns out to be accurate, I wonder if this will affect the status of mice/rats as the stereotypical lab mammal. Wouldn't self-awareness immediately lead to ethical concerns when it comes to how these animals are currently handled?
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