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I Thought I Should Introduce Myself

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    Hey guys! Whats up? I have signed up for the forums back in April and haven't really been active in posting the forums. So before I start posting, I thought I would introduce myself to you guys. My name is Ivan and I will be attending California State University of Fullerton this coming fall (the first one in my family to attend a university :) ). I will be majoring in Computer Engineering. Science and technology has always interested me ever since I was a little kid. I came to appreciate and love math too. I have taken 2 college classes during my high school career (I wish I would have taken more...). One was during the summer of 2008 and it was College Algebra and the second was C++ programming during Spring of 2010. I'm like the math/science guy of my family and everyone comes to me for help with tech or other problems. I tutor my brothers for math if they need my assistance I tutor college students (which includes my older bro) with their from Pre-Algebra to College Algebra in hopes that they can be interested in math and want to go on to higher levels of math. I love to play different sports, whether it be soccer, basketball, football, tennis, etc. I am open to anything. I also love to play my guitar. I am a really kind, patient, chill guy. So thats pretty much some of who I am. I look forward to interacting with all of you in the Physics Forums. :)
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    Welcome to PF, Ivan92! Congrats on being the first in your family to go to college :approve:, that's terrific. I hope you make good use of the forums, and that you enjoy it here.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hi Ivan. Good name! :biggrin:
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    Hi Ivan92. Consider this problem:

    A mathematician is an avid smoker, but a very peculiar one. He has the habit of always carrying two matchboxes with 100 matches each in both of his pockets and he randomly chooses a pocket to pick a match and light his cigarette with. What is the probability that, after he picks a matchbox and verifies it is empty, the other matchbox still contains n matches ([itex]0 \le n \le 100[/itex])?
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    Hullo and welcome, Ivan92.
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    Heh, computer engineering? You definitely picked the right subject for these days and ages.

    Welcome, welcome.
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    Rock on, Ivan! :cool:
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    Welcome Ivan!
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    Welcome, Ivan. :smile:

    I promise that if you'll hang around, you'll be deluged with good humor, information, conversation, and personalities. Also, PF is addicting - consider yourself warned. :wink:
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    Haha. Thank you for all the welcomes. I have been pretty addicted to this forum as my hunger for knowledge continues. :)
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