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I want a Cockroft Walton multipler design values

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    Dear All,

    I am pretty new to this.However opening a circuit I saw a cascade of Capacitors and diodes and recollected it is Cockroft Walton multipler.No values written on the capacitors and diodes except on one capacitor(4.7 NF) ,2KV and one Diode (96b15KV).Some diodes it is written SCSH75.
    The series consisted of 5 stages .The i/P to the first stage is from a transformer and it measured 163V,At 18Khz,5V.The o/p of the last stage is measured after dropping through a 5 Mohm,5W Resistor read as 1.6KV.

    My question is to help me and give values of capacitances (its part numbers),Voltage ratings, and diode ratings required and any other data required to refabricate the design.
    Thank you.i have found 2KV capacitors manu by semtech has encapsulated shapes with no terminals and is similar to my samples where each one is stuck to next using solder to save space.Can anybody help

    Anwar India
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