I want a hot guy!

  1. Guys are really great huh?
    Yes, world would be boring without guys.
    so... yeah.
    I wanna meet some decent guys!
    nice ones :) or bad ones but who are actually nice.
    uh... probably will regret this thread later.
    so, any other girls want to meet guys?
    uh... join me on my quest!
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  3. radou

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    Here it goes again. :tongue2:
  4. Evo

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    I thought you had a boyfriend?
  5. Greg Bernhardt

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    More is better :)
  6. Pengwuino

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    Wrong forum.
  7. lol! no, dont have a bf anymore, and dont fancy my boss either now... so... empty man-crush-sized void in my life!
  8. Evo

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    Poor ng.
    Ok, so what are you looking for?

    Does he need a job?
    If he has neither, should he be a student?
    Living at home or on his own?
    Own a car?
    How should he dress?
  9. The man knows :devil:
  10. I like Evo's sense of practicality. :smile:
  11. When do you think she gained it ? An ng's age ?
  12. :biggrin:
    Ok, so what are you looking for?

    Does he need a job? hm... doesnt matter as long as he's not homeless or anything but needs to have ambition!
    Money? nah, we can be poor together
    If he has neither, should he be a student? student is good
    Living at home or on his own? definitely on his own...
    Own a car? doesnt matter
    How should he dress? in clothes preferably...
    Height/weight? as long as he's not morbidly obese... I'm not very picky huh?
    actually I am very picky! but it all depends on the person.
    hm... yeah... I'm specific but random... so the guys I like are all kinda different...
  13. Evo

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    Beard? Mustache? Bald?

    My idea of a hot guy.

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  14. maybe not bald... dunno... never known a bald guy before...
    beards can be kinda hot... mustache... kinda reminds me of poirot...
  15. I knew a man who wrote down his specification for a wife. It included playing a musical instrument and able to talk mathematics......well, and other things too. Unbelievably he found the right person and married her. A song comes to mind about the lemon flower being very pretty but impossible to eat. He didn't have a list of what she should not be like. And so he discovered that inevitably, love and marriage is about the extent to which you can stretch around, and bend to acomodate your partner's foibles.
  16. radou

    radou 3,108
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    Moustache? I'd like to see that.

    (I don't know how it's in the States, but here a moustache is extremely rare, at least for the past 10 years.)
  17. Evo

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    They went out of style here in the 70's.
  18. :) this is nice! the lemon tree song is nice, lets have a celebration of love!
  19. radou

    radou 3,108
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    Yeah, same here...probably in the whole world, at least the civilized parts. Exactly because of this fact, it would be interesting to experiment and grow a moustache. And see womens' reactions. One of my friends is trying to talk me into it, but I won't do it. The risk of turning out a complete idiot is too big.
  20. My friend tried a moustache style affair a while back, on the same night he wore a shirt exposing a rather hairy chest and thick gold chain.

    Suffice to say, the 80's porn star jokes were flowing all night. He never did it again.
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