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I want a new general username

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    I have been wanting to think of a good username for a while now that i can use for gamig, social stuff, forums, etc.

    I want it to be physics related and/or computer science related and have (at very least the "Sil" part) my last name (Silman).

    I don't want it to be over the top or include numbers like Z3r0Gr4vItYH$CK3R or ProtonDecay314159.

    Something simple that rolls of the tongue nicely.

    So far the only one that comes to mind is SudoSilman. This incorporates my last name and a very usefully linux command.
    What are some other physics and/or computer science names that incorporate my name?

    Also If you think of one thats not necessarily physics/compsci related feel free to post it! Others I have come up with (but don't really want to use) are: Silmonster, SilMaster, SilMagic - i think you get the trend. Anyway, i would love to hear all usernames you guys think of!

    Thanks for the help!
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    Hey um0123 and welcome to the forums.

    Some ideas that come to find for physics include SillyNeutrino, SiliconElement14 (Or SI14) to name a few. Maybe these will give you some new ideas. Maybe Even SiliconeBreastsDD if your game ;)
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    Give yourself to the Fruit Side. :biggrin:
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    How about WindowSil, or MoSilla, or QuickSilver, or EpSilon, or HiggsBoSil. Ok I'm out of ideas.
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    What's wrong with Silman?
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    a lot of the time it is taken :(

    plus it doesnt have any physics in it!
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    jim hardy

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    I remember going through that same thought process looking for a good user name when I first registered with PF over 10yrs ago. I am quite happy with the decision I made. I now use it everywhere (may have to tack on a number.

    Good luck with your efforts I am sure you will come up with something.
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    how about DrAtomic or HiggsBoson
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    How about Silicium?
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    I don't think I'd ever adopt a username somebody else invented/suggested.

    How about Double-Silit?
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    There's also BananaBoy, ApplePi, MangoMath, ScienceStrawberry and MuonMelon, among others.
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