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I want a second opinion

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    [SOLVED] I want a second opinion

    We know the equation

    [tex] F=-\frac{dV}{dr}[/tex]

    we want to find the integral from [tex]r_{0}[/tex] to [tex]r[/tex].

    I have seen someone doing this


    I am a mathematician and the way I was doing at the university was

    [tex] F=-\frac{dV}{dr}\RightarrowFdr=dV[/tex]

    and then I integrate


    Since the potential depends on r we can integrate. So I would like someone who knows the subject to tell me if the first way is correct since I know the second is correct. Its difficult for me to accept the introduction of another variable r' while we have the r itself.
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    Well, the first one is incorrect; it should be:

    Now, the second integral simply equals [tex]V(r)-V(r_{0})[/tex], thus, we have identity between the expressions:
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    ok the first way is what a I saw, exactly the way I wrote it. With your correction makes sense. Thank you very much for your answer.
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