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I want check my answer

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    Hi all

    Q1 : when a run down battery is recharged 22600C of charge is required comput the time in hour needed to recharge the battery to 8A current ?

    my answer is : t = Q / I = 22600 / 8 = 2825

    Q2 : calculate the number of Faraday required depositing 1 X 10^-5moles of cu from cu^2 ?

    my answer is
    Cu ----- > cu^2+

    the charge of cu = 3
    the number of Faraday needed to deposit 1 mole will be = 3F
    the number of Faraday needed to deposit 1 X 10^-5 mole will be = 3F X 1 X 10^-5
    = 3 X 10^-5 F

    I want check my solving

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