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Homework Help: I want check my answers

  1. Apr 8, 2010 #1

    here I put my answer as a picture


    [PLAIN]http://up.arab-x.com/Mar10/HnA33086.jpg [Broken]


    [PLAIN]http://up.arab-x.com/Mar10/8SE29265.jpg [Broken]

    http://arb-up.com/i/00020/a00rnukl7nt0.jpg [Broken]

    http://arb-up.com/i/00020/88tl6yd7jk3p.jpg [Broken]

    http://arb-up.com/i/00020/2d5d712yhh03.jpg [Broken]
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  3. Apr 8, 2010 #2


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    You have obviously made a mistake somewhere, either in the inverse or in your check. When you multiplied A-1 by A, you should have gotten the identity matrix I, but you didn't. That should be a clue that you've done something wrong.
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