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I want some advice.

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    I don t know if other people feel the same way as i do about learning. I love to learn, and most of all, i love to learn from thick textbooks. My own rationale is that it is either learning( from those fat textbooks ) or sudeku puzzles. i find myself learning and perfecting my knowledge of physic, math, etc.. This at least beat the hell out of suduku. On the other hand, I think my learning is the most unproductive waste of my time. What good is there, if i am not going to get a letter grade, or a distinction to show for my labor? My question is: how can i channel my labor as productively as possible.

    I am thinking about some type of competitive competitions in physic, math, and programming. Something that can give me distinction
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    Do it because you are passionate about it.
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    What good is getting a letter grade? Here I'll give you an A+!

    Your degree is going to be the only thing worth something :) Remember that its all working to that.
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    Tom Mattson

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    You are completely missing the point of learning and of education. Learning is not something one should do to obtain a certificate to hang on the fridge. It should be something one does because knowing is so much sweeter than not knowing.

    Of course, if you really need distinctions you can post what you know at PF and maybe we'll give you the Science Advisor and/or Homework Helper medals. That's what everyone else does it for. :rolleyes:
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    Like everyone else has said. Do it because you enjoy it. You don't marry someone to show them off, right?
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    this is a famous obstacle to be overcome in learning. The earliest teacher many of us have knowledge of, Euclid, is famous for saying after a pupil made your same complaint: "Slave, give him an obulus, since he must make gain
    out of what he learns".

    If you become really proficient however you might become guru of the year here on Physics Forums!
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