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I want the old PF

  1. Jun 6, 2004 #1
    I want the old PF!!

    What's up with this whole, "Registered Member" mumbo jumbo? What ever happened to just coming to PF to hang out and half your own signiture and avatar for FREE! Why? Why? If anyone needs me, I'll be hanging from by my neck from the cieling of the PF restroom. Or do I have to pay to use the old john now, too? Why don't you just start taking away everyones shoelaces and belts when they join PF?

    All friendly, of course.
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    That was cold, mister pro sir. :wink:
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    If you really want the old PF back, I'm sure you can work something out with Greg...

    It only was running him upwards of $700 a year out of his own pocket to run the site. I'm sure he'll be happy to pay that so you can have a free signature.
  6. Jun 6, 2004 #5
    Really? Noway! I've too much to live for! I heard Greg shoots lightning from his fingertips, and hes the size of Goliath! When he was finished with me, there won't even be a bleeding corpse to speak of!

    The bait is set, rathma. Just break it when I give the word. :>
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    Having no connection whatsoever to this forum, I can honestly say that I am appalled by the number of people that enjoy and use this forum on a daily basis that don't have the decency to cough up the price of one order of french fries per month to support PF.

    I know some really can't, being too young, etc..., but most have no excuse.
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    Heh your tone is pretty harsh. This is a democracy, people should not feel forced or felt obliged to pay if they don't want to.
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    Oh well, I have not known since when my brother Professional became such democratic !
    Oh, I perhaps misread or misunderstood something!
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    Did I hit a nerve? have I hurt your feelings? Can I give you some kleenex facial tissues? some tampons perhaps?
  11. Jun 6, 2004 #10
    You BEEN able to do that ? Nevar!

    But hey, am I now hitting your nerve ?
    Whisper you this important thing that I am trying to hurt your feelings. Do you like it ?. :tongue2:
  12. Jun 6, 2004 #11
    By the way, to the OP, I also want to have an avatar...true!
    I don't know if sitemanagers will agree to add back that functionality into its own old place ? waiting though,
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    This should make the tough guys at Riker's island weep
  14. Jun 6, 2004 #13
    Come on, Mabuhay!
    Okay ?
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    First, you have to kiss a lot of ass. Be a suckup and whore yourself to public opinion. That's the only true way that you will live an honest, truthful life. My worthless 2 pesos.
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    That's what is so great about Greg. He is not making this a pay only site, he wants it available to all.

    I don't mind paying so that others can continue to enjoy PF the way it is. There are a lot of people that can't afford even the small price for membership, and it is for them that I pay.

    It's the ones that can pay and don't that irk me.

    Why is it you don't want to pay? I really don't understand that.
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    To Evo's point: I have paid up to $40 PER HOUR for tutoring over the years, so the tiny annual fee here is peanuts compared to the enormous amount of help I have received.
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    Of course. It's the nature of discussion forums. If you look at 90 percent of the message boards clogging the Internet they're all free. It's a free membership, open forum.

    Then look at it that way

    I find this hilarious. It reminds me of peer pressure in high school "Hey everybody's smoking, why shouldn't you?".

    Why is it such a big issue for you? In the grand of scheme of things does it really matter. Aren't we here to help other members and learn from each other. Why are you making things so petty and trivial when they're not. Some people pay and some people don't. That's reality.

    And I don't need to explain to you why or if I plan on being a contributor.
  19. Jun 7, 2004 #18
    I am really confused!
    I guess someone already goes back to searching right ?
  20. Jun 7, 2004 #19
    :biggrin: There is no need to get upset, the way I see it, we all make contribution to PF, some by way of fees, some by way of scholarship, cutting edge knowledge, scintillating ideas, fantasic anecdote and invaluable humour and warmth, some by way of both. Come to think about it, I may have short changed a lot of you :tongue2: :redface: .
  21. Jun 7, 2004 #20
    No, no no, Polly, you don't understand, only he understands what I really meant...
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