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I want to be a good girl from now on!

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    Ok I noticed that I was rude to most of people around here especially during the last few weeks!:blushing: So I've decided to be all light and sweet from now...o:)

    Now would you wish me luck in whatever I'm going to do next week?:uhh:

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  3. Feb 23, 2006 #2
    you're a sweet girl.
  4. Feb 23, 2006 #3

    But being bad is so much more fun :devil: .
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    Very nice of you, thanks!:smile:
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    Lisa! rude??
    That's a contradiction in terms..
  7. Feb 23, 2006 #6

    If the terms you're referring to are ! and ??, then yes :tongue:
  8. Feb 23, 2006 #7
    I've been in a bad mood for 5 months I know what it's like:wink:
  9. Feb 23, 2006 #8

    Didn't know dogs had that problem.
  10. Feb 23, 2006 #9
    nobody likes good girls.
  11. Feb 23, 2006 #10

    Except as a fetish. And thats just weird.
  12. Feb 23, 2006 #11
    But the focus is on next week, not on 'rude'. And it certainly doesn't sound like going to the dentist. So, all the best of luck then.
  13. Feb 23, 2006 #12
    I do not know much about you, but I think being rude is better for you if that is the way you feel. Go on, don't manipulate yourself! :tongue2:

    I will accept anything you do, sweetie...:biggrin:
  14. Feb 23, 2006 #13
    What you need is a good beating.
  15. Feb 23, 2006 #14
    Then you must beat her with kind, gentle words and sugar candy, so the sweetness wears off.
    My sweet Lisa, hope you have a great week ahead.:smile:
  16. Feb 23, 2006 #15
    How about with a wooden stick? No pain, No gain, No brain.
  17. Feb 23, 2006 #16

    Whew, wow, Lisa! That is no doubt one of the funniest posts I have ever read here. You can have my vote after danger gets impeached :smile:
  18. Feb 24, 2006 #17


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    Thank you for your wishes!:smile: (Blow a kiss at hypatia! )

    franznietzsche: thank you very much for taking the time to post here. I know you're so busy that you even don't have the time to comb your eyebrows when you want to take a photo!:smile:

    Bladibla: Unfortunately it's too late for that.:frown: Be grateful that people around you knew the other uses of wooden stick during your childhood!:wink:

    matt: thank you for genrosity to give me Danger's title, but I don't want to be called funny!:smile:

    P.S. I'll tell you what important is about to happen the next week, if it'd turn out the way I want! Anyway I'm doing my best to a good girl, although it could be difficult! Any suggestion from anyone is welcome and highly appreciated!:blushing:
  19. Feb 24, 2006 #18
    :cry: :zzz: :cry: :zzz: :cry: :zzz:
  20. Feb 24, 2006 #19


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    I didn't know you cry while you're dreaming of me!:frown:
    Anyway since I want to be a good girl I'll forgive you for whatever you've done wrong!o:)
  21. Feb 24, 2006 #20


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    I remember you! You're May Craig, who played the fisherwoman in "Quiet Man".

    That line took a lot of takes:

    Take 1: "Sir! Sir! You must beat her with kind, gentle words and sugar candy, so the sweetness wears off!"

    Take 2: "Sir! Sir! Here's some kind and gentle words to beat the sweetness out of the lady!"

    Take 3: "Sir! Sir! Here's some sugar candy for the sweet lady to beat with kind and gentle words."

    Take 4: "Aw, Jeez! Enough already! Here's a good stick to beat the lovely lady!"
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