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I want to be a theoretical physicist

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    I want to be a thereotical physicist. However as of right now im behind in community college it's my first year and my average is about well a 2.9. I wanted to use this forum as my motivation as i have alot of work to do. Im only in pre-algebra right now but i have a passion for physics it sounds interesting. More then interesting fascinating. So yes lots of work to do lot's of self studying better get to it. Also reiterating lots of hard work to do for myself!. Im getting my bachelor's in Engineering. I will visit this forum again in about 365 days. I Don't really need physics help right now what i should i want is to study harder. I Have the motivation to see physics through to the end. My philosophy i don't know if you agree with me is that anything worth doing is easy! Just requires hard work and lots of patience,dilgence etc.
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    Hi Scienceman11. :welcome:

    Good luck with your studies!
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