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I want to get tips for physics

  1. Apr 22, 2015 #1

    share tips with me, how can we study physics effectively ?

    Thank ya :)
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    It helps tremendously if you develop an interest in the subject - look online about the topic.
    You also need to like and be proficient in maths.
    Practice example problems!
    A good handbook is worth its weight in gold - the author inspires you.
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    Hehe, theoretical or experimental physics ?
    Nobel laureate Gerard 't Hooft has dedicated a whole site to the first subject. You clearly have to have stamina and be tenacious, but then again: he won a Nobel prize !

    For experimental physicists all of the above are required, plus you have to be handy with electronics :smile: , not be discouraged by failures, and not mind being underpaid.

    Being curious how things work and what the world is made up of is a nice driving force too.

    Did I mention a sense of humour ?
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    And as with all studies, revision drives the point home.
    Work through past exam papers. It helps you to see whether you are studying correctly.
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    When I read the thread title I pictured someone on the street giving physics lectures for tips.

    I think I've just found my new career goal.

    Really though, to study physics it is important that one truly think about the material. Try getting the reading done before the lecture. This is going to help you absorb the material during lecture. You can formulate some questions ahead of time, and if these questions aren't addressed within the lecture itself, you'll have questions ready to ask. After the lecture, think about the material. Look back through your notes a couple hours after the lecture and try to explain everything to yourself again.
    There's not really a 'trick' to learning it unfortunately.
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