I want to learn about networking and SQL

In summary, In order to learn about networking, you should first learn about databases. You can find information about SQL and networking at various websites.
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I want to learn about networking and SQL,
where should i start? what books are good for this ?
I want to learn the hardware and software knowledge on netwroking.
Please suggest to me, thanks.
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I can see that you have an interest in computers.
I have yet to try any USB networking but I have used Ethernet style networking with both RJ45 cable and wireless (b and g). It’s too involved to get into much detail right now but you can use a crossover cable to connect two computers together. Alternatively you can use normal cable and a hub or switch to connect two or more computers together. I think hubs are going out of style and switches have fallen to reasonable price levels so you might keep that in mind. I’ll see if I can find you a good link but if you live near a thrift store or used book store you may be able to pick up a book for a dollar or two. That is what I do when I am in the States at any rate.
You can transfer files between computers by means other than normal networking. For example using Hyper Terminal, direct cable connect, Lap Link, etc. I make my own crossover cables (parallel and serial) for this purpose and have experimented with these methods quite a bit.
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SQL and Networking aren't really related. SQL is for database work. If you like that then pick up a SQL book and fiddle with access or download mysql. I think one of the best ways to learn database is to use one backend for programming applications.

If you want to go inot Networking it's a bit more difficult because you can't just buy some servers, routers and then get cisco certs. I would try buying junk computers and try connecting them, file sharing and then printer sharing. Also pick up a networking or LAN book to learn things like the OSI model and TCP/IP.
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Links to Network info:
http://www.osseo.k12.mn.us/sec/pcsh/intronet/classweb/osi.htm [Broken]

Some Network Search Terms:
lan (local area network), wan (wide area network), server, client, peer, tcp/ip, routing, switching, addressing, protocols, osi, node, packet, header, frame, dns, subnet, wins, share, ethernet, token ring, token bus, ipx, netbeui, ftp, gopher
(OK, I'll stop)

SQL (Structured Query Language):
Before you learn about SQL, you should learn about databases. SQL is simply a way to get a desired portion of information from a database. You should be able to define the following database related terms: table, field, record, data type, form, query.

SQL Links:

Did you have anything specific in mind about networks? For example network engineering, network administration, just hook up 2 computers at home, communication theory, network models, programming for networks, website design, etc.
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As greg pointed out, learning networking needs lot of devices, and learning it without trying it (iow without the devices is useless).
If you really want to learn this kind of stuff, go to your nearest CTEC (Certified Technical Education Center (i think :smile:)), and try to see if you can take some MCSE courses (Microsoft Certified System Engineer), that is if you are concerned about the operating system work behind networks.
If you are more concerned about the network hardware Cisco courses would be usefull.
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Originally posted by Saint
I want to learn about networking and SQL,
where should i start? what books are good for this ?
I want to learn the hardware and software knowledge on netwroking.
Please suggest to me, thanks.

i don't know what you plan on setting your network up with but linux howto's helped me out

http://www.linux.org/docs/index.html [Broken]

there also on your linux distro disks if you have them
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