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I want to live a simple life out in the country.

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    I am on a computer at a public library, and I only have fifteen minutes left. So this post definitely won't be as well-polished as most of my posts.

    I am interested in living a simple life out in the country. I want to buy some land out in the country and build a cabin on it. I could heat it with a woodstove. I could buy a well to supply my water needs.

    If I did it, I might buy a septic tank, or I might just build an outhouse.

    I would plant a garden and get a lot of my food from it. I would also get some food from hunting and fishing, but I doubt that I would ever get where that would supply all my food needs. I would probably go to the grocery store sometimes or at least buy MREs (meal-ready-to eat) from an army surplus store.

    One thing that concerns me is I think it might be kind of creepy living alone out in the country. Despite the fact that women think my face is very ugly, gay guys think I'm good looking. One time a gay guy actually tried to rape me (He made a physical attempt.), and several times I've had gay guys hit on me aggressively. I'm worried about what any homos would do if they found out I live alone out in my cabin in the middle of nowhere. Furthermore, I ould have problems with someone merely trying to rob me in the middle of nowhere.

    I am a true crime addict, and it was reading about Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) that gave me the idea. He lived a simple life out in the country. Just in case someone makes any ridiculous accusations, no, I don't want to emulate any of his terrorism.

    Has anyone else ever wanted to live a simple life out in the country?
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    Crime does happen in the country sides, it can happen anywhere you live. Even when I'm at my cabin in summer I take precautions, but not just for humans, but for animals too.
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    You should write short stories about your experiences in life. You remind me of a kid who used to post here with all kinds of wild stories as well, but I forget his name. He would go around talking to homeless people.
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    I would definitely try renting a reclusive place before investing in the land and building. You may find out that you really don't like it all that much.

    I would love to live a reclusive life out in the country. My wife on the other hand starts to have withdrawal symtoms if she is gets more than 10 miles from a shopping mall. We settled for a semi rural area on the edge of town.
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    Life in the country would suck. You need to take a crap when it's freezing out and you have to walk outside to do it. No internets, not even one, and you'd have a wood-powered microwave. No thanks.

    I understand when people want to take a break from all this technology that is bombarding them on a daily basis, but living out in the country isn't all gum drops and rainbows.

    Reminds me of the people who want to live in the Middle Ages, forgetting that they'd have to walk everywhere, eat crappy food, work very hard, and die of a simple disease.
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    There are variations of "life in the country". My wife and I have a small log cabin on about 10 acres. We have our own garden and two large chest freezers so we are largely self-sufficient for many types of food. I make pickles, salsas, etc, and can other vegetables. Carrots and squash keep well in our cold cellar. We have phone service and electricity, and we heat our water and cook our food with propane. We have a small wood-stove that heats the cabin nicely with only a few cords of wood a season. The nearest village is a few miles away, and has a couple of hundred people - the nearest large town (more than 500 people) is about 20 minutes away.

    Is there crime out here? Generally, it is confined to theft, but the possibility of violence is there. Last week, a couple of very tall skinny black guys held up a credit union in a nearby town (stupid, because the very small non-white population here narrows the list of suspects very quickly and their builds make them easy to spot and haul in) and then joined up with some confederates in a stolen car. The car was found abandoned less than 2 miles from my house. Their accomplices were Caucasian - a couple of men and a woman, and they would have been a LOT harder to ID if THEY robbed the credit union, but ... well, Darwin's principle will remove them from the gene pool for a while.
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    Homosexuals are like most people anywhere - they probably won't take any notice of you at all.
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    I don't know who I am quoting, perhaps Will Durant.

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    I have often considered this, but I'd urge you to watch the movie "Into the Wild".

    To quote from the movie;

    "happines is only real when it's shared...."

    On the other hand I think everyone should live a secluded life for a while, if you can't stand to be by yourself for a while, it might be an indication that you may need re-think the way your living your life. People are too distracted these days I think, everyone would benefit from a bit of rural living. It makes you appreciate company of others more, and gives your mind a bit of space.
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    I've had them take notice of me many times.
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    What do you do for a living?

    Did you build the log cabin yourself?

    How much are your property taxes per year?

    Don't you think it would be quite dangerous for a pretty woman to live alone in the country though?
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    Wild stories-- if I told you about some of my experiences in life, you wouldn't believe me.
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    Thats why I said write about them!
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    I live here:
    I bought the cabin, built about 30 years ago. Property taxes are a little over $1000. It would not be dangerous for a person to live alone out here, as long as they establish security precautions and have the means to defend themselves, if necessary. We are too far from any police station/sheriff's office to rely on 911. About "what you do for a living" that's entirely up to you. If you have marketable skills that you can sell to others, fine. If you are willing to commute to unskilled jobs and accept lower wages, that's up to you. Once you get into a situation that doesn't require lots of cash to sustain, you can live with less. Unless someone is going to hand you a bunch of money to get you started out, you'd better concentrate on finding a job that pays well and that you can get to every day even if the price of gas goes through the roof. Living 'way out in the country can be a pain when you have to commute a long way to work and you have to pay the price of gas no matter what, so you can keep your job.
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    But then you wouldn't be able to watch gorilla football.
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    I think the homophobia part is a little...extreme....
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    What do you expect from a "sticky thighs" ?
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    What the hell is wrong with you?
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    Eh, pretty woman? Last time I checked in the Member Photo Thread and saw Turbo's pics...I'm sorry Turbo, your not my type....
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    If you have skills that you can sell through the internet, leaving in the country can be a good choice. You just need better uplink that Turbo has :wink:
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