I want to minor in physics but


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Hey all,

I want to minor in physics but the college I'm going to doesnt offer it as a minor. There is however, another college which is offering this and both of these colleges are part of CUNY. I asked someone if its possible for me to do this, but they said I cant attend two colleges at the same time. I really want to have a minor is physics. What are my options here?
Will your school perhaps allow you to create your own minor? I don't know if many schools do this sort of thing, just a suggestion.
Does your current school offer all the courses that you're interested in? In the end, you might be happy just taking whatever physics electives you want and forgetting about the minor - depending on your major and/or career choice, having an official minor vs. unofficially taking courses might not matter at all after you graduate.


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There are a few courses that are not offered at my home college. But I figured that since I'm gonna pay for the physics courses, I should at least get a minor for it. I still dont understand why I cant just can go to the other college and get a minor there.


Pretty much by definition, a "minor" is supplemental to a "major" at the same institution. Here, a student can take up to half the credit hours for a minor, at another school. But it has to be for one of our minors.

You said both schools in your case are part of the CUNY system. I don't know why they won't let you combine courses from the two schools, because I don't know anything about how the CUNY system is organized. The best I can suggest is to research the issue and find out exactly what the relevant policies are. They should be documented in college catalogs, or in faculty or administrative handbooks. Then, work your way up the administrative ladder with your request. I bet it's a pretty formidable bureaucracy, because of the size of the system.

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