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I want to rid myself of all emotion

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    I believe that emotions are confusing, illogical and unnecessary. I want to rid myself of all of them, fear, hate, love, happiness. How do I do so? I want to become a completely logical being.

    Note that I am not asking to remove myself of intuition for intuition is a valuable tool.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Change species.

    Along with the bad comes the good. And your goal is to eliminate the best part of life.
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    The benefits of pure logic outweigh the benefits of emotion. It is the only way I can avoid the emotional mistakes I've made in my past.
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    I only want to experience happiness. I've had enough of feeling neutral/sad for the last two years. ;)
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    Stevie, I can't do it right now, but I will PM you about this subject within the next couple of days. I have extensive personal experience in the matter, and it is not at all simple.
    To any Mentors or other concerned PFers, I assure you that I will not offer medical advice or anything else that requires professional qualifications. Merely peer counseling.

    Krunchyman, same for you. I don't want to put my stuff out in public, but maybe I can help you a wee bit on a personal level.
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    The knowledgeable man learns something new every day,
    The wise man forgets something new every day.
    Lao Tzu

    People often look at me crosseyed when I quote that. What Lao Tzu is referring to is forgetting your bad habits. He even goes on later to say, "forget your habits and simplify your affairs." Not just habits like biting your nails or drinking either but, more to the point bad habits of thought that we all collect without a second's hesitation.

    A cyclone is a common Asian metaphor for the human psyche. Around the calm center of the storm fly all our beliefs in a riotous cacophony as they collide with each other. The more we clutch any of them the deeper we get drawn into the maelstrom. Since its just a habit we've acquired there is no particular method for letting go of our beliefs. Whatever works for you works, but simplifying your lifestyle somewhat and consciously refraining from feeding the beast is a place to start.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Were your mistakes really so terrible? Did anyone die? Did you destroy any lives?
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    If you do it, you will never get laid again. How is that logical?
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    emotions and logic are not mutually exclusive. Logic is born out of emotional desires. Without them, you'd have no motivation to be logical.
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    Avoid extremes. Overcome desire or craving. Adopt moderation.
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    The best advice is to talk to a professional. Get help, a school counselor, if you're religious, talk to the pastor or whatever in your church, if you trust your parents talk to them. We don't know anything about you and cannot help you. Good luck to you, I hope you get better.
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