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I want to use prtScrn key in Dos mode, and get a black screen output. Help please !

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    When I go in Dos fullscreen mode, and press prtScrn, the output I get in Word is not an image. Whatever text was on the screen, appears as a text, and not in any image form. Also, no colours (which were present in the exe file which I ran in dos mode) appeared.

    Can't I get the same output in Dos mode as I do in Window mode? Help Please!

    Warm regards
    Mr V
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    I've noticed the same problem when I'm watching a DVD on my laptop and then do a print screen and try to paste it somewhere.
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    In the old days the print screen button would send an image to the printer to be printed, not copied to memory.
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    Have you tried alt-prtscr ?

    I just pasted the dos command box into word with that key combination.
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