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I wanted to talk to an expert on genetics/human genetics

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    Hi I'm doing a project for school and I wanted to talk to an expert on genetics/human genetics. Could somebody tell me what the best expert to talk to would be? I emailed some ppl but got out of office replies and I don't really know who would be the best expert to talk to or how to find out

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    James R

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    What do you want to know? Perhaps somebody here can help.
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    Is your project on the expert himself or is it on questions you hope the 'expert' can answer? If it is the latter (questions that need to be answered) then perhaps it may be wise of you to ask these questions and see if a one person, combination of people, or everyone that has taken a genetics class can answer. Good luck.
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    depends on where your from.
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    It entirely depends on your question and project, if you explain a little more I could suggest some people or even help you out myself.
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    well I liked the idea that that other person had of genetically engineering creatures that would have brains which would automatically connect up to those of other people (to increase lifespan via increasing brain organ size), so I decided to write a novel about it or at least bring up that idea with my friend. I was wondering hypothetically could that be possible in this century (Via the ability to alter genes and introduce genes etc) basically I talked about it with my friend and she wanted me to present all the ways (for the novel) somebody could/would go about doing that (including the ways somebody would need to genetically engineer a body to support more than one brain and stuff, and the ways somebody would need to genetically engineer the brain, etc) I already got that person's (Who suggested the idea) permission to write a novel about it. basically it would be my friend who would be writing the novel I'm just doing research on it so I can see if they'll actually write it. I'd also want some information on how somebody would go about getting this done (In regards to, for example, what companies would do it), because I want to give my friend all the research on the concept I can get (So that she can work with that in the novel or at least decide whether she wants to do the novel based on that) Basically for the book, I wanted to create like...like an outline of what somebody who wanted to achieve that would show to somebody else (to make them understand what they wanted done) (I may be helping my friend write the novel a little for now- she'll probably be doing most of the writing- I'm just trying to see what she thinks of the concept/research) I wanted to talk to an expert because I wanted the information to be really useful and accurate...but as long as the information is useful and accurate, I'll be happy to get it. Thanks. I just thought you guys would think it was stupid if I said we were thinking of writing a novel on that...I do want the information to be scientifically accurate though. Of course we'll use "creative freedom" in the novel but for now I just want information on current, not made up science itself. thanks
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    It's okay if I don't understand the science, since I can try and understand that later. For now, I just want information on how this could be done (if it could be done at all) and things like that thanks

    So I guess I'd have to talk to somebody about genetics and neurology. Based on what the other person said I guess the genetically engineered brains would have to be able to physically connect to the inside and outside of our brains as well

    I know this isn't likely to be able to be done in the next century but I meant theoretically could it be, what are the chances etc b/c of it's a plausible concept it will make the novel more realistic

    (Essentially the novel would consist of this being done via altering genes, introducing genes, finding genes, bioengineering, etc)
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    my sister and I said she could write it on that..
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    I mean I'll send someone a money order or something if they'll help me. I mean I could pay $800 or something, I really want to do this novel thing as a birthday present to/with my friend. And I want to get the research/stuff done before her birthday
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    I don't think brain size has anything to do with lifespan. But if you are going to write a novel it doesn't necessarily have to be 100% possible. Thats why its fiction.
    Personally, I think it could be possible for you to alter your DNA before you inject the egg to make a better brain instead of a person having two brains, that seems anatomically too complicated. Maybe, for example, lets say it is known what genes are responsible for the patterning of the brain and so we have bigger cerebrums so we are even more intelligent. I think that knowing how to make a more efficient brain by altering genes is definitely a plausibility, especially within the the next 100 years. ALtering the genes and implanting it in the egg is already possible, expensive and possibly unethical, but that just adds to the drama I guess.

    If you are really serious about writing the book, I would just search the neurobiology departments of major universities, read a summary of their researc (usually on their websites) and then contact the ones that may be able to answer your questions. Everyone in the bio department I'm in is at work so I'm sure you will find someone. Most researchers don't have the summer off.
    Good luck
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    So it's not really a project for school. It's nice that you want to write a novel for a friend, but I doubt you are going to find any "expert" in the field that is going to accept money to send you information. You are talking about professional researchers.

    You can probably find enough information to write about if you do some diligent research on your own. You may have to purchase subscriptions to some publications, but you are willing to spend some money for your research, so that shouldn't be a problem.
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