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I was driving the #44 car!

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    That's me in the #44 car!

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    Awesome! That is probably an expensive hobby!
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    Not with a zombi car :p

    Man! No one got hurt?
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    It's incredibly fun!

    It is relatively safe if you follow all of the rules and safety procedures. Injuries are rare, and if they do happen, they are minor.
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    Every repair-shop and salvage yard around here manages to field some entries into the D-D at the fairground. When you see some of the entries, you have to think "what were they thinking?", but there are fewer and fewer decent wrecks left to use. Think heavy older cars with solid frames (not pressed unibody) and enough HP to use the rear frame as a battering ram. I'd love to have my father's '66 Impala SS to join one of these derbies. That car seemed indestructible.

    Looks like you were having fun, Kutt, which is the purpose of the whole competition. thanks for posting.
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    The number of old iron cars from the 1960's and 70's has diminished to the point of demo derbies being forced to use newer vehicles from the 1980's, 90's, and even early 2000's.

    Here is an example.

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    My DSL won't let me stream a lot of video, but I saw enough. That derby was loaded with little cars. Thanks.
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