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I was just thinking

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    BCS theory has been disproven, though still people use it to explain things,that's all. No, I don't remember where I read it. It was a credible source though, physicsweb.org, or scientific american...
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    What is BCS again?
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    Maybe you are referring to the difficulty in explaining superconductivity in high-temperature superconductors by the BCS theory. However, this does not mean that BCS does not explain superconductivity in simple materials.
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    No, it was something else. I don't remember.
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    Well then, this is all useless since you are simply throwing things out without justification, the same way you somehow got the idea that "phonons" must accompany any pair anhillation.

    Go study what exactly is the BCS theory, and then look at why it is STILL being used in conventional superconductors, and why extension to it is still valid for LHe condensation. In fact, the recent discovery of the Fermionic condensation shows that there is a smooth crossover between the regimes of BEC and BCS. So it would be hilarious to say that BCS has been "disproven".

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