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I was playing plants vs zombies and this question popped in to mind

  1. May 18, 2012 #1
    How can we calculate [via an equation] the number of pea-pods hit on a zombie in a given interval of time.
    for those who haven't played the game its briefly this:
    from point A to B, on A there is a pea shooting plant [constant position]. on B a zombie is closing in with constant velocity towards A.
    pea velocity is constant. a peas is shot when the last one is hit on a zombie. so frequency of shooting increases as zombie closes by.
    need an equation [i have a bit of doubt about that frequency thing. i think the frequency is constant too, don't know!!! sorry. but what if it was like that (will frequency reach infinity when position =0, not the case in game) and yeah thats it]
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