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I woke to find our beloved Franzbear

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    I woke to find our beloved Franzbear... dead. :surprised Noo!
    !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!
    I'll go eat now.
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  3. Jun 12, 2005 #2


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    blame evo and send her a PM, that's what I did. EVO!! I BEG OF YOU TO BRING HIM BACK!! :cry: YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD!!!
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    Does system winteral still want to be da best Olympic gamer ?
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    *steps over Franzbear's cold body and walks to the fridge*

    more beer for rest of us :approve:
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    Hello, by the way, let's make things clearer,
    Do you know how old Mark is ? I guess he is around 45.
    Feel free to use pointers, stop completely the use of references
  7. Jun 13, 2005 #6
    He is tall, pretty handsome, but a bit skinny....., and as far as those details are to be getting clearer, I can make a rough guess that his boy is over 6 inches long
    Anyone else wanna continue ? :biggrin:
  8. Jun 13, 2005 #7


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    Who the hell is Mark? :confused: If you mean Mk, we don't even know if that's a male or a female. Could be hermaphrodytic, as far as that goes. In fact, I strongly suspect an AI.
  9. Jun 13, 2005 #8


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    a BToli-Google mutant?
  10. Jun 14, 2005 #9


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    did I.. did I kill it?

    *rubs eyes with a bit of uncertainty, but slowly starts feeling proud*
  11. Jun 14, 2005 #10
    Not too proud though.
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