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I wonder who visits this forum

  1. Jul 19, 2003 #1
    I am curious as to what the distribution of qualifications and geographical locations are of the individuals who contribute to this forum. I imagine many are hobbiests, but that some are active contributers to research or students.

    Is anyone else curious?

    Post a message if you feel like letting the "cat out of the box". Reveal as much as you are comfortable with, I guess is the suggestion. Leave some blank if you feel it will allow others to identify you and you want to remain anonymous.

    Question to the moderators, IS THIS ALLOWED? I will hesitate before I post my info. to hear what the people at physicsforums.com have to say...

    Suggested fields
    Role in physics (business / pleasure):

    Affiliation (academic / industry / NA):

    Highest/current position (Prof. / Post. Doc / Ph.D. / Masters / Bach. / NA):

    Number of peer-reviewed publications:

    Field of research:

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