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I would like to introduce myself -- I am Felix curious by gosh

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    I have a gazillion questions and I love feedback positive or otherwise as long as it is constructive and on point. I am not allowed to ask any at the moment- Bites nail in despair,
    but I am here to say a few words about me- First off I am wildly immature for my age which is half a tree by reckoning or 50 years by yours. I enjoy the application of Science to religious doctrine to test its merits but have found only Buddhism to stand up to any real hard core observations and internal consistency- Have already gotten my hand slapped and a thread removed for that lil fur paw- Had to make nice! But just really open to philosophy of physics and happy to field any questions about theory just about any kind but math retard so please don't send proofs!!! Happy to know anyone that is respectful n kind--thanks for having me on,
    feel free to say hi as I don't byte much anyway------ Felix the Gato
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    Welcome to the PF! Hope you enjoy!
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    Please make sure that you read the rules before posting, the global guidelines are here https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/physics-forums-global-guidelines.414380/, but some forums have additional rules which you will find pinned at the top of that forum's main page. Religion and philosophy are two subjects that we do not allow.
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