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IB Extended Essay in Physics

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    Hey everybody,

    I'm doing my International Baccalaureate extended essay (2500 to 4000 words) in physics, which means basically i need to come up with a research question and hypothesis, then design and procede with a lab to answer this question. For example a guy at my school last year did his on which material best blocks out sound. In essense, this is one giant lab report.

    Any suggestions for a research question welcome!
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    hey, are you in Toronto, Canada for IB?
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    Close, I'm in Ottawa at Ashbury College....why?
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    oh ic, ur in Toronto, awesome, my parents grew up there....wat school?
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    ya, i'm taking IB at Victoria Park SS, nice meeting u, sorry can't help with topic tho, i'm in first year IB
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    Hi Quantum,

    Nice to see an fellow IB physics nerd on PF...

    I am also doing my EE in physics this year. I haven't really started yet...

    The most important thing, I think, is that you choose something that interests you. What areas covered in Physics 20 and 30 did you most enjoy?
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    Hey nice meeting both of you,

    I'm still in grade 11, first year IB. My school wants us to get an early start on the EE because last years class and the graduating class this year have left theirs too late. I have only covered mechanics (motion forces work energy and power) and a bit of sound and waves. So i'm not exactly sure what i'm most interested in, i really enjoyed mechanics, I have a really strong interest in flight as well. Light and geometrics sounds interesting too. I guess I should research these different areas more thoroughly first but I'm looking for ideas to get me thinking.

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    Hm...I remember the later units in Physics 20 being pretty good for ideas. You could do something in thermodynamics, play with some liquid nitrogen and shatter bananas! That would be fun. Also consider the SHM unit, standing waves and harmonic frequencies and the like. This is also related to optics, which is covered little in IB physics and so can be useful as an extra topic to learn about. Many optics experiments are also very doable in a high school laboratory.
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