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Homework Help: IB Extended Essay In Physics

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    Hi everyone, I hope this is the correct place to post this thread. So, i'm in a school that takes part in the IB diploma which is basically an internationally recognized diploma that lets students have a wide range of possible universities when they leave high school. One of the requirements for graduation is the production of a 4000 word "extended essay" which in my case would essentially be a super lab that I get to choose. I essentially have to explore some element of physics through the use of a question which i have to answer. Something along the lines of "How do pH level variations affect bacterial populations in a fish tank". (I don't take biology so im no expert at their questions). Anyhow, I came across the idea to investigate hot spots in microwaves. My question was going to be "How does positioning of food in three dimensions within a microwave affect the temperature rise of the food?"

    What do you guys think? Im really worried about having a solid experiment to pursue. I'm not asking for a free ticket here; I take pride in depending on myself for most things, but I really need confirmation to make sure that I'm not digging my own grave here :/. Thanks! All responses are appreciated.
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