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IB extended essay title tweaking help need ly

  1. Mar 4, 2008 #1
    IB extended essay title tweaking....help need urgently

    So right now I'm supposed to have decided my topic for my extended essay(part of the IB diploma), and as you can already assume I decided to do it on a topic in physics, more specifically mechanics. I made a research question (how does the radius and length in a cylinder of a internal combustion engine effect the output of power?), but my physics teacher said that this was a broad topic, and has been overdone already. So i decided to focus my question even further and came up with, The analysis and investigation of the stroke ratio of an engine on the friction generated during engine breaking. Is this research question original or not, and if it isn't any suggestions on an original theoretical or experimental based research question.

    When i went to talk to my physics teacher about the first title I chose, he said i needed to target something ie...four wheel drive...etc, and that is why i focused the analysis on engine breaking and stroke ratio. If anyone could help me structure my question, or focus it better, that would be a lot of help...THANKS!
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