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IB Physics

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    Hi, I am going to be starting to teach the IB Physics program in a few months so wanted to get up to speed on it.
    What is the level of knowledge required? I am currently teaching the physics syllabus in the irish system.
    The practicals that are to be done? How many should be done? is there suggested titles?
    Any thoughts on the choice of options that are available?
    Any other info that you can give would be great.

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    Welcome to Physics Forums!!

    Two suggestions:

    1. If at all possible, get or borrow a syllabus from one or two other teachers that have taught the course before (either at your school, or at another). This would give you a good idea of the scope and sequence of what is covered.

    2. Please provide more info on the Irish school system. I had to Google what little I could find, but I *think* IB Physics is very much like A-Level Physics in the British system, or AP Physics in the US system. If so, you might get more suggestions asking about those, by name, as more people on this forum are familiar with them.
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    I'm also Irish. Starting the LC tomorrow.

    I found this, it may be of use to you.
    http://kstruct.com/ib_notes/IB_Physics [Broken]
    There's more to it than the Irish system. The mechanics section resembles LC Applied Maths, although I see no mention of Differential Equations.
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    It's nothing like AP Physics C, it has no calculus.
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