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Homework Help: IB student, Urgently need help on extended essay(Non Newtonian fluids)

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    Hi, guys. I'm doing an extended essay in physics for the IB diploma program. The extended essay is a 4000 word research project on a topic of your choice, and I have opted to do mine in physics.

    I'm having a lot of trouble narrowing down a suitable research question, and at this point, I have neither time nor the ability to think straight.

    Please help me? I'm thinking of doing an experiment on non Newtonian fluids, particularly oobleck. Flows, density, response to stress, turbulence etc, are all things that I am interested in. However, fluid dynamics is too wide a scope, and I certainly do not intend to engage in the study of mathematics that would make Richard Feynman cry.

    I have formulated several research questions, not necessarily all related. Most are either pretty bad or unfocused. Please help me in narrowing down an aspect worthy of investigation. by suggesting something I might want to investigate? It would be really helpful if you could point out any journals or resources that I might find helpful.

    the RQs are:

    1. Investigating the movement of raindrops down a window sill.

    2. Investigating how the presence of solute particles affects electrical conductivity within 1 mol dm-3 sodium chloride solution.

    3. Investigating how the density of oobleck changes it's surface tension. ( Or something related to this. I find this really interesting)

    4. Investigating how frequency of sound affects the patterns produced in a non Newtonian fluid??

    5. Investigating the physics of the bicycle.

    Yeah, as you can tell, I am really lost.the topic really cannot be too simple, and physics needs to be the STAR of the show. Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Second year. It's a pre-university course, similar to A Levels, Advanced Placement courses.

    Blood sounds interesting... Unfortunately, it's been done already :/
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    Bump :eek:
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    I did IB, and my extended essay was in Physics some 5 years ago now. Maybe the topics can't be too simple but beware of choosing something that would be too difficult to do without the right equipment, and make sure you can get that equipment.

    I'm afraid I can't really help you find journals or resources until you've narrowed down a particular area you want to do, because there's just too many! I can send you my extended essay if I can find it, though beware, I didn't really get a good grade for it, since I never paid attention in school and didn't bother, but maybe you can get some idea, however I remember our school showed us past extended essays so we could get an idea, didn't your school?
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    Bump. :/ Thanks NewtonianAlch. They did, but most of them were on mechanics.
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