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IBM interview thursday! tips? Also do you know what a soft copy means of a resume?

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    IBM interview thursday! tips? Also do you know what a "soft copy" means of a resume?

    Hello everyone!

    exciting news, I got an interview for IBM's Software Group on Thursday. He told me to do 2 things before the interview, sign up at IBM and e-mail him a "softcopy" of my resume. Does anyone know exactly what a softcopy of a resume is? Does he mean he wants just a regular text file, such as this, or does it mean he just wants a word version of my resume rather than a .pdf or what do you think?

    Also any tips are welcome!
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    A "soft copy" means the actual file, as opposed to a "hardcopy" which is a paper print out. He probably doesn't care what file format it's in, but I'd opt for either Word or .pdf.

    Sometimes a file copy is referred to as "electrons." For example, "Hey Bob, could you send me the electrons for that whitepaper you drafted the other day?"

    Don't worry, I was confused the first time I heard that as well.
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    Doc Al

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    Unless told otherwise, I would assume that "soft copy" just means an electronic copy as opposed to "hard copy" (actual paper). Send it in whatever electronic form that looks best. (I would not send plain text unless it was specifically asked for.) Word or pdf would be fine. (If he wants a different format, he'll let you know.)

    Good luck!
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    thanks guys!

    I was hoping he didn't want a text format of the resume it would be quite gross looking.
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    I would send multiple formats for his ease of use.
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    I ended up sending a .pdf and a .doc format he got them and the interview went great!
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