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Ibm thinkpad problem

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    I've an ibm thinkpad for 2 years and recently I've been getting blue screens of death once in a while. I used the windows debugger to read the dumps and they all say that the problem is with a file called ibmfilter.sys. A quick search shows that this file is used by the ibm
    "Repair and Recovery" program. I currently have version 1.00.0032 and the ibm (levono) website said that the solution is to install version 4.2. So my questions are:
    1) I've heard that v4.2 has some bugs such as not letting you run chkdsk and other programs that access the hd directly (without loading windows for example).
    2)In order to install v4.2 I need to move all my backups and save them to cd's because v4.2 isn't compatible with v1.00.0032, so before I do that, is there any way for me to check if that's really the problem?
    3)Do you know any other way to solve the problem?
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    I say purchase a USB HDD, throw all your files and what not on it, try the new version. And if it doesn't work re-format. First things first though, don't do anything without backing up.
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