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IC Chip Orientation

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    I have an 8-pin IC that does NOT have a notch in it, and I'm a bit confused on the orientation. The schematic I'm using specifies the orientation using a notch, as does the datasheet from the manufacturer. So, as you can see, I'm in a bit of a pickle. The chip does have a dot on the top surface, as indicated in the attached image (the chip text info orientation is preserved). However, since the schematic lacks this detail, this really doesn't help me. Plus, I've always used the notch, I don't even know if the dot/text is a reliable determinate of orientation.

    Anyone know which way this goes? Thanks yall


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    The dot generally marks pin 1
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    The dot is pin 1. Count pin numbers up from pin 1 in a counter-clockwise fashion, so pin 8 is in the upper-right corner in your drawing.
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    The end with the little circle is the same end as the notch (in my experience). Why? They probably switched suppliers of the actual IC casing from the ones with the little circles to the ones with the little notch. Shouldn't really make a difference.

    I believe that's y'all ;-)
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    Dot is pin 1. Count exactly like Berkeman said.
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    thanks y'all!
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