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Ic Datsheet

  1. Mar 17, 2005 #1
    Hi every body, do any one have datasheet for the following Ics:

    MH6111, M59104J

    They are used in ECU cardS
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    What are they? If you know that you can go to specific manufacturers and search there. Fairchild, Analog, ST, Dallas/Maxim, etc. What kind of ECU are you talking about? If it's an automotive ECU then these may be proprietory(some day I'll learn how to spell, and type--not today though).
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    MH6111 is a CPU.
    HM59107J is supposedly an ASIC, CMOS, 500 usable gates.
    This M59107J is on a 1G NA non-EPROM ECU.
    they are in KEFICO ECU for Mitsubishi cars.
    i am trying to revers enginer this ECU but i dont have the datasheet :cry:
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    No one has the datasheets except mitsubishi and the chip manufacturers. These are proprietary. You "might" be able to talk to a mitsu engineer (1,000,000,000:1 odds of this happening though) and get some info from them. The 6111 is supposidly a hybrid HC11 chip though if that helps. You can probably figure out what the pin functions are from looking at the inputs.

    The 5910 could be decoded but would require that you input a series of signals (essentially walk through a truth table) and record the outputs. You wont be able to exactly decode something like this but you might be able to get close though. You could find or invest in a high power microscope, carefully grind the plastic off of the IC's to expose the silicone. From there it is fairly easy to decode an FPGA(or most any chip really). There was a thread about this very topic on the avrfreaks forum a few months back. If you want to read it search for topics about AVR code lock features not being safe.

    I know a few ppl are out there still trying to figure out the particulars of these chips but there really hasn't been a lot of headway made. It's fairly easy to pull a copy of the software; however, without knowing what the processor is exactly then it is a little though to say "xxxx opcode does yyyy".

    If you're going to reverse eng this, then you'll have to start from ground zero probably--no data sheets. Oh, automakers do some tricky things with their ECU's to make them tougher to decode BTW. Ford EEC-IV's had the program counter physically placed on the external PROM. GM and others have also done things like include multiple spark/fuel tables or use custom opcodes to set access trim tables, yadda-yadda-yadda. They don't want you knowing what is really going on inside there.

    Well sorry I couldn't simply give you a link to the documents. Good luck with your rev-eng'ing.
  6. Feb 19, 2008 #5
    stock ECU's can be overun by standalone ECU's..!!

    hi guys.. actually i'm doin a project on remapping the suzuki's ECU.. but i'm trying to overide the current ECU with aftermarket ECU's available in the market.. does anybody have an idea about basic ic's present in an ECU..??
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