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IC eingine

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    hi.I would like to know something about the IC engine.I just read an article.It said that 30% efficiency is gone through conduction of heat by the cylinder wall.If it is reason for one of the efficiency loss why cant we build an cylinder coated with a material that is non conduction.So only little fuel is used to ignite the spark plug.
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    so what would be the efficiency of the engine if it is ceramic lined?.Does it fully keeps the heat inside the cylinder
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    Ceramic could do a better thermal insulation job than a cast iron sleeve with a water jacket. But is that what is really needed? An IC engine is a very complex interconnected compromise. Unfortunately, the piston must also be kept cool.

    The durability of an engine depends on radiation of heat from the piston to the cylinder wall, along with splashing or spraying the inside of the piston with oil. It is normal for the cylinder head to have a water jacket, as does the cylinder sleeve. Only the piston has no direct cooling.

    I hate to disillusion you, but there will be no sudden new discoveries by beginners in this field, apart from the educational breakthroughs in understanding, encountered while climbing the steep learning curve.
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    Jus to knw,is there any research undergoing regarding this?.I dnt know in what ways the efficiency is getting reduced.what are the factors?
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    Research continues, but the details are very complex.
    IC engine research has been going on now for over 125 years.

    After 90 years, the 24 hours Le mans trial continues to be run.

    Motor racing such as Formula One pushes the technology to the edge and keeps it there.
    “Commercial in confidence” research continues behind closed doors.
    Every now and then something new appears in the latest vehicles being mass produced.
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    Aside from losing heat to the cylinder walls, heat is also lost to the exhaust gases and oil. If there was no heat lost to the cylinder walls, you could run into thermal stresses that could warp the head and block. The engine would also need a larger oil capacity to keep the oil from over heating. More oil cooling means that you've lost heat to oil instead of water and you're back to where you started.
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    You got it the wrong way round. The spark plug ignites the fuel. Takes surprisingly little energy to do so.
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