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IC engines

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    Could you tell me where to find the retailer of IC engines of 3.2 cc size in Delhi and how much it would cost. I have been told by someone that we would be able to get it in Preet Vihar. Could any of you give me some idea in this regard.
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    Another question, how much power would this engine be able to deliver.
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    model aircraft or model car motor in that small size

    power depends on fuel

    most model aircraft motors run on a mix with a small % nitromethane
    more nitro more power but less life
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    3.2 cc is an odd size

    found data on a 2.5 cc

    Displacement: [.15cubic inch ] 2.5cc

    Bore and Stroke: 16mm x 15mm

    Weight, inc. Silencer: 155 grams

    Stated Power: 0.7 BHP @ 16000 RPM
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    yes i am planning to use a nitro methane engine... and how is the life of the engine related to using nitro methane in the engine....
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    i got a shop in ahmedabad which is selling this sort of engines.... also came to know of a shop in CP. But no idea about location. got to locate it yourselves guys.....
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