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IC information

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    I want to know about configuration of some ICs. Please tell me any good site in ths regard.
    In particular, can you give me information about 4xxx and 7xxx series of ICs.

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    You should be able to look up the datasheets for these devices from any manufacturer which makes them. Fairchild and National Semiconductor come to mind first.

    - Warren
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    In addition, you can go to findchips.com and type in your generic IC part number (or as much of a part number as you know), and you will get a list of which of the most common distributors have that part, along with variations in the part number. Then you can usually follow the links provided to go to one of the distributors' website, which will generally then give you a link to the manufacturer of the IC (or at least their name, which you can then use to find their home page).
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