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IC Package Database?

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    [SOLVED] IC Package Database?

    Hello All,

    Does anyone know if there is a website somewhere where you can browse a database of IC package types and see dimensioned drawings for them? I see lots of different options out there for the many ICs and transistors but it gets annoying when you have to browse the individual data sheets in order to see what the packages look like.

    - Jason O
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    The package types are industry standards -- one company's SOT-23 is the same as another's for example. Most semi companies have archives of package mechanical drawings, but they don't usually put them on the web. I don't personally know of any database.

    - Warren
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    Speaking from painful experience, I'd check the datasheet for the part...

    I specified one part that was "SSOP" which turned out to mean something very different from what I expected... the common or garden SSOP package data that I gave the pcb guy was 25 thou pitch, whereas the actual part was metric with 1mm pitch. I was ever so pleased.

    On the rerun, he gave it a 50 thou pitch, which just about useful with a careful bit of bending of the leadouts...

    On the third attempt we got it right.
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    yes be very careful of going with the "industry standard" for package names, you might be ok most of the time, but not always. Always double check the datasheet, I almost fell into this trap a few times as an intern and was lucky that I was paranoid enough to actually look at the datasheet dimensions and see it differ from the industry standard recommendations.
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