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IC that tells voltage?

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    Is there an IC that ouput the input voltage in BCD? I want to make a voltmeter that can display the voltage in decimal number.
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    Yes, PICs, and AVRs can be programmed to output BCD with a given voltage input... Another option(s) would be a VCO to PIC frequency counter or (like your original question asked) an ADC-BCD IC. There are a miriad of methods available. Cruise by fairchild or dallas semiconductors and look through their products.

    Here, Maxim has ADC to BDC near the top of the page: http://para.maxim-ic.com/ADConverters.htm

    Personally, I'd use an Atmel micro or a Pic micro for a project like this. The design can be more versatile. You can switch to LCD, serial, or parallel if you feel so inclinde.

    Good luck.
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    I found this http://braincambre500.freeservers.com/ddv.htm [Broken]
    Just what i'm looking for. I haven't study micro programming yet so that is out of the quesiton.
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    the a/d chip on that site uses multiplexing to power the 7 seg led. How does that work? THe chip turn the led on and off so fast that our eyes wont see the flickering?
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    Yes :smile:

    Have you learned how to read the data sheets? If your going to explore electronics, reading data sheets is one of the most important things you can do. http://www.nteinc.com/specs/2000to2099/pdf/nte2054.pdf this tells all you need to know about using this particular chip.

    Skip to the circuit description and all should become clear.

    Well, good luck
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