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Ice Age

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    If Ice Age suddenly come back, What will people do?
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    Can you say "Mexico"?
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    What, you mean at the cinema?

    I reckon everyone will go and see it again, and a massive argument will break loose over whether or not Toy Story was better. Then, everyone will start up the quotes, like "Kar-ll, he's eating our salad!" and "Woo! Who's up for round two?!", not to mention "MOVE YOUR ISSUES OFF THE ROAD!" and "Ooh, what's this, pine cone!".
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    Ah no. I mean in real world.
    Is there any known disaster management on ice age?
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    Maybe if we're lucky it would cancel out global warming perfectly and nothing would change...
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    People would move toward the equator, crank up the heat, look for ways to fight back glaciers, and deal with the social problems (overcrowding, food shortages). Probable population decline.
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    Ice age = spring time in Michigan. I doubt we'd notice a difference.
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    Get a nice new jumper.. and perhaps a hat.
    Then I'd spend my spare time sending snotty letters to Greenpeace activists and all the other treehuggers who went on and on about global warming saying:
    "Ha! So what do you say now smartarse?"

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    Ha-ha! But we're rather far from a new ice age, and global warming is a problem.
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    First they'd complain a bit about being cold, then complain a lot about being cold, shiver somewhat uncontrollably, and eventually die of cold-exposure. What else? :rolleyes: :tongue: Oh, and parents could no longer use the old complaint, "What are you trying to do, heat the entire outdoors?" when their kids left the door open in winter; "Yes" would be a reasonable answer. :rofl:
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