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ICE-best book

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    hello everybody here in that great,full&useful forum,
    well--im a student in the final year of mechanical engineering,and i was really interested in the whole courses we had taken at school related to the subject of comustion,and i know abit about the techniques of the electronic boeards and electricity,according to part time work i did while school in television repair,which helped to know about electronics,so that was imperical knowledge with televesions-:)-and theoretically knowledge about MECHANICAL ENGINEERING,(not really completely thearetical)but still dunno alot of techniques and imperical info which ive found its really imp to know to help u at work,so my question about:

    what is the best books u advice me to have for ICE field?help me understanding the theory and the techniques about the automative engineering(cars&trucks-etc)and especially cars(electrically&mechanically if allowed).
    just give name of the book or the editor.
    thanks in advance.
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    Haywood - Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals
    The Bosch Handbook

    Both bibles.
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    thank u so much brewnog.
    ill try to get it,cuase im really interested in that field,and wanted book which discuss all matters related to that field,still wanna hear the others best book they had read in the same field.
    thanks again brewnog,i really appreaciate ur answer-:)
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